I love LA!??

I recently made the move from LA to San Diego for a new job and was really happy to get a fresh start, meet new people and be in a different environment. The key word here is different and now I realize what a unique place Los Angeles is. Like many others I have a love/hate relationship with the city and still over the years have not picked a side.  Being away I have started to appreciate the great things and even the unusual things that most out of towners sneer about. I’ve always held the belief that if I could just show these critics the good they would change their minds about LA…hmmm I wonder if the task would be that easy. The city itself has so much to offer, so much diversity, amazing food, spectacular views,  an awesome music scene among other things but the insane traffic and superficiality seem to be the things that embody the city. That got me thinking…what other mistruths exist?

1.Everyone works in the entertainment industry at some level: While it’s certainly not uncommon to feel surrounded by the mass of people that want to be actors in this city there are surprisingly other walks of life as well.

2.Everyone is blonde: LA is one of the largest melting pots in the world and with such diversity blondes are definitely the minority.

3.The dating scene in Los Angeles is easy because there are so many options: With this many people you would expect the possibilities to be endless however, so many people are too caught up with the lifestyle. If you’re not too obsessive about looks and money, you are more likely to find decent people but you just have to look harder. You certainly have to go through a few stalkers and lots of crazy ones in the process.

4.It’s hard to drive in LA:Driving in LA is pretty straightforward. Most streets are laid out in a grid with a few notable curves and angles. Freeways are reasonably well marked, as long as you know which direction your headed. Also GPS is a requirement so that you never get lost! You will come across impatient drivers but that’s something that you just get used to.

5.It’s always sunny: Here’s a shocker…it actually does get cold in LA and sometimes even rains! When this unusual occurance happens most of us retreat to our homes, forget how to drive and become glued to “Storm Watch 20xx”!

6.LA is a cultural wasteland:Beyond the movies and movie stars, LA has so much to offer culturally.It is home to the LA Opera, American Ballet Theatre, Center Theatre Group and the LA Philharmonic, all world-class performing arts organizations. There are also many outstanding museums such as The Getty, LACMA and the Natural History museum. Beyond that LA boasts an amazing music scene and is home to some of the world’s best up and coming musicians.

7.There’s Nothing to Do in Downtown LA: Home to Skid Row most people neglect the downtown area which has been undergoing a recent revitalization. You can easily check out Koreatown, Chinatown and Little Tokyo… Explore the history and cultural diversity of the city. There are some great museums, historic architectural walking tours and of course, fabulous shopping in the fashion, toy, and jewelry districts. You can also see a Lakers game at the Staples Center or take a tour at the LA Music Center or the Disney Music Hall.

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  1. Shriram

    Hopefully you dont get lazy like I did and keep updating your blog! Good Luck

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